236. Special Request: How to handle the police until your lawyer arrives

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211. Critical Thinking: Brainwashing’s Implication in Education, Advertising, Religion & Government

Published in 2004, Kathleen Taylor‘s book Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control looks at the history of brainwashing as we know it through the lens of neuroscience and psychology, defines the spectum of ‘brainwashing’ from persuasion to aggressive thought reform,… Read More

206. Why You Should Never Talk to The Police, And How The Police Get You to Talk

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137. Criminal Profiling: 20 Techniques To Be A Walking Lie Detector

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129. Criminal Profiling: Introduction & Methodology of Profiling Serial Killers

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121. Criminal Profiling: 14 Theories of Causes & Deterrence of Criminality

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