Burn your business cards. Whenever we introduce ourselves to another person, we usually lead with our title – whether it’s on our business card or what we claim ourselves to be. In fact we’re robbing ourselves of some… Read More

Don’t ever work in advertising. ‘I work in advertising; I sell Doritos.’ ‘Fuck OFF!’ Mig Reyes – Backwards Advice for Creative Mornings

Break things. All our life we’re told to make things. Breaking things is a process from which you can learn so much more if you decide to learn from somebody else whose done something great and break it… Read More

When was the last time you mentored somebody who was less experienced than you? When was the last time you tried to bring together your community and do things for your community? Mig Reyes – Backwards Advice for… Read More

I like to go to a lot of events and conferences. I read a lot from different essays, bloggers, and books. And one thing that you expect when you see these people up on stage; when you read… Read More

Maybe if we think about making more ugly things and not giving a shit about pretty things we can get somewhere. Imagine if Craigslist was beautiful? It wouldn’t feel like we’re getting a deal. So if you’re buying… Read More

Find out why things go where they go. Find out why particular scenes in a particular film sequence are edited together or in the fashion they are or in the time that they are and the way that… Read More

When looking for funding, don’t just look for cash. Look for the right people. Jodie Fox for Creative Mornings 

Startups don’t die because they run out of money, they die because they don’t figure out who they are. Hampus Jakobsson for Creative Mornings (via shareableadvertising)

Your creative imagination will always be greater than the technology at your disposal. Jason Galeon 

The people that are doing work that matters aren’t doing work thats popular. They’re just doing work that changes some people. Seth Godin for CreativeMornings

White lies, why not? Fake it until you make it. Boost yourself. Don’t tell boring stories about yourself for no reason at all. Spice up the conversation a little bit. Frederik and Magnus of Snask for Creative Mornings

There are only two ways to innovate – or interrupt an economy: 1) work out what people want and find out a clever way of making it, 2) Find out something you can make and work out a… Read More

Be nice to people. We had a bottle of red wine with a person, which became three bottles of red wine. Three years later she called us up and now works for a huge festival and we became… Read More

If you buy from someone that has a reputation, they have much more to lose by ripping you off. So it may not be that what they produce is better, but it’s much less likely to be shit…. Read More

Your name. Is it a risk? Every boring company has a similar name and it is really fucking boring. Frederik and Magnus of Snask for Creative Mornings

Don’t be the best one in the room. Go be somewhere where you can learn from other people. Nick Campbell for CreativeMornings

Say yes more. When we started up the company I was scared shitless and I said ‘NO, NO, NO!’ All my life I’ve had more fun saying yes than no. Frederik and Magnus of Snask for Creative Mornings

Focus on one thing, you can become the best at it. Focus on doing 10 things, then you can maybe do 10 things but you’re probably shit at almost every field and you won’t be groundbreaking in any… Read More

Design is an idea of society. Design doesn’t solve all the problems of the world, but it can establish a narrative to a story. Antonio Scarponi of conceptualdevices.com on Creative Mornings