A site with news-oriented content will often have chronology as its most prominent organizing principle. A sports news site might be divided into categories such as ‘Baseball’, ‘Tennis’, and ‘Hockey’. Any collection of information has an inherent conceptual structure. The challenge isn’t creating a structure, but creating the right structure for your objectives and the needs of your users.

The Elements of User Design by Jesse James Garrett

For body text that will be presented in larger blocks or that will be read by users in longer stretches – simpler typography is better. Consumer’s eyes quickly get tired trying to take in lots of text in a more ornate typeface. That’s why simple fonts like Helvetica or Times are so widely used.

The Elements of User Design by Jesse James Garrett

Brands have become publishers. But one thing remains unchanged: the quality of the writing makes the difference. We keep hunting for the right word, the most skillfully crafted phrase. Our profession has inspired some wonderful pieces of writing and many striking titles.

Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

Whatever sets your business apart from the crowd, make sure you tell people about it on your website. Make it honest and fun, then back it up with a guarantee and a customer testimonial. These are the trust-building techniques that will ensure your customers remember you and keep coming back.

Design is a way of looking at the world. You produce an artifact or create a system with a set of conditions, an infrastructure or an apparatus where you’ve done half the equation and you leave the rest for whoever wants to participate.