I know people in tech who love who say ‘Just keep it short! Just keep it concise! Just give with what they need!’

Totally wrong. If you see a page that’s educational, informative; that’s got people like you, you will read a page forever.

Long copy for advanced material always pulls better than short copy.

People channel-hop. They don’t see our ads as frequently as we’d like. Unless they actively want to see them. The more they like an ad, the more they’ll see it. This is a new relationship between quality and quantity.
Quality creates quantity.

Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

It’s important for a writer not to get carried away with your own ability to use words, and remember that sometimes no copy is better, as words could detract from an image.

Never repeat words – there are always alternatives. If you can’t find a single word to replace one you’ve already used, use a description instead, or rephrase the sentence.

Be merciless with your copy. If you’ve included statements that make similar points, parallel arguments, or lengthy descriptions, they have to go. Your remaining copy will be tighter, easier to read, and more effective.

If it can go it should go.

No copywriter drafts finished copy at the first sitting. The secret to great writing is the way you edit your original draft, regardless of whether your text is two short paragraphs or 2000 words in length.

You usually have to work past your first and second rounds of ideas, even though they are good or great, and push yourself into your third or fourth round of ideas before you are in truly original territory.

We see the appearance of something before we see the content. Typically, we might pick up a magazine and feel disgust – or delight – at the typeface that has been used. This way of seeing is different from the way non-designers see, and is the cause of much disconnectedness between designers and their clients.

Traditionally, the main difference between a graphic designer and an artist is that a graphic designer requires a brief and needs to be given content to work with. Artists, on the other hand, write their own briefs and create their own content.

In asymmetric typography (and design), the background contributes to a greater or lesser degree to the effect of the whole. The strength of its effect depends on whether it is deliberately emphasized or not.

Select the words you use carefully. The words you use are keys to conveying a message. When they are well chosen, they help communicate the beauty of emotion. When specific well-selected words are used, the listener wants to hear more.

Selling Luxury by Robin Lent and Genevieve Tour

We can accept certain kinds of misrepresentation, such as fudging about the amount of fat in his hamburger, but once a butcher knowingly sells us spoiled meat, we go elsewhere.

Asking questions makes people feel welcome and at ease. Take your expertise and extend it out to people in a caring manner; Make people feel smarter for talking to you.

It’s rare that every single thing you cover will be of intense interest to all of your customers. You simply are not that important to their lives. You probably have a wide product range and many topics to promote — all of which will interest some users. But not all.

Write every page as if it’s a self-contained landing page. When you’re well-represented in the major search engines, potential customers will be coming to your site from all directions and thus the consumer journey is going to change. This means that potential customers will be coming to your site from all directions and will not necessarily land on your homepage first.

It’s really easy to lose 90% of the people who are listening to you. For example, you could have the best content in the world, but with an ugly website, people will leave your website because it’s ugly.

Thomas Palugan, Data Consultant for Ogilvy

Content is king. The single most important thing most Web sites can offer to their users is content that those users will find valuable. Users don’t visit websites to experience the joy of navigation. The content that is available to you will play a huge role in shaping your site.

The Elements of User Design by Jesse James Garrett

Effective content is hard work and requires constant maintenance. Approaching content as if you can post it and forget it leads to a site that, over time, does an increasingly poor job of meeting user needs.

The Elements of User Design by Jesse James Garrett