Consumers tend to judge your brand’s importance by how easy it is for them to recall. The more they come into contact with, interact with, and remember your brand, the more important they perceive your brand to be…. Read More

In modern human society, there are two kinds of dominance: Physical and Social. Physical dominance is based on aggression or the threat of aggression. Social dominance is based on admiration rather than fear and is acquired through social… Read More

Consumers tend to place too much importance on the first available information they receive about your brand/product. This ‘anchor’ influences the consumer’s subsequent decisions and judgments about your worth. Wikipedia: Anchoring

If two speakers utter exactly the same words but one speaks a little faster and louder and with fewer pauses and greater variation in volume, that speaker will be judged to be more energetic, knowledgable, and intelligent. Expressive… Read More

Automatic, stereotyped behavior is prevalent in much of human action, because in many cases it is the more efficient form of behaving, and in other cases it is simply necessary. Whats odd is that despite their current widespread… Read More

While our conscious minds are busy thinking about the meaning of words people utter, our unconscious is busy judging the speaker by other criteria, and the human voice connects with a receiver deep within the human brain. To… Read More

You’ll know when you’re on to something special, because people will love it so much they’ll tell everyone. If people aren’t telling their friends about it yet, don’t waste time marketing it. Instead, keep improving until they are…. Read More

When pitching to a client or planning your advertising project, prepare a VERY detailed project outline. If you agree to ‘sell a website’ to a client at a set price, then afterwards the client wants more and more… Read More

There’s no use having a good idea if you can’t explain or sell it. The opposite also applies, an idea that cannot match the time, the culture, or the client, even if it is a good idea, isn’t…. Read More