Burn your business cards.

Whenever we introduce ourselves to another person, we usually lead with our title – whether it’s on our business card or what we claim ourselves to be.

In fact we’re robbing ourselves of some really great opportunities.

In the world of super-modernity, a bus ticket can’t be just a bus ticket. It has to exhibit the branding of the bus company; it might carry an advertisement; and it will use sophisticated computerized tyopgraphy.

It’s only a bus ticket, yet we’ve turned it into a scrap of commercial graphic theatre that utilizes the brainpower of designers, marketing people and IT people.

Offer two business cards. Business cards are one of your least expensive tools and best resources for future business:

One for the person who came with the customer.
One for the office and one for home.
One for a friend who is looking for something similar.
One for the person placed in the gift package.
Double the chances; give two business cards each time.

Selling Luxury by Robin Lent and Genevieve Tour