If you haven’t got a heavy advertising budget, then use a 1-to-1 approach on a very targeted demographic. Make clever parternships with other brands and exchange consumer contact details to send emails to them and bring you visibility… Read More

There’s a kind of pyramid with brand content, social medias, and earned media: 1) Invest more in earned media – the buzz phenomenom generated through the sharing through social media. 2) Use social media as the support. All… Read More

For small companies on a budget, it’s better to focus on and be really efficient in 2-4 main social platforms (relevant to your demographic) than have 9 different profiles and not have enough time to make them of… Read More

Go to advertising schools and look for talented advertising students recently graduated and partner with them. Recent grads need a portfolio to present to advertising agencies, so they’d be willing to help you in exchange for building their… Read More