Bad projects are projects that end up as disappointments. They can be disappointing on many levels. They can be creatively disappointing; they can be financially ruinous; they can fail to communicate with their intended audiences. So who is… Read More

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Every brief has three essential elements: 1) Profile of your target audience 2) Clarification of the core message 3) Good reason why target audience should be interested There is a lot more that can be included in a… Read More

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Keep your proposals simple. Putting out too many pieces also diminishes the uniqueness of each piece. A proposal should consist of three or five options. To keep your offer unique and valuable, keep it simple. Selling Luxury by Robin… Read More

Never work for someone you can’t argue with, and definitely don’t ever work with somebody you can’t say no to. Mike Monteiro in his speech for TypoTalks

If you work 8 hours on a brief, you’ll have 8 hours of ideas. If you work 24 hours on a brief, you’ll have improbable ideas. But you have to keep simplicity and never lose the scope of… Read More

Rather than viewing a limited budget as a hindrance, think of it as a challenge to get what’s essential about the message of your piece. It’s also a great test of the strength of the concept of the… Read More

Strategic Planners need to cut to the chase. Out of a massive and growing quantity of information, of fact and impression, a planner’s job is to cull that one thought that will stimulate those working on an account…. Read More

Your brand’s tactical strategy is how you reach your target market and objectives- sales, position, revamping, etc. It’s about finding a problem to solve, researching the problem, and then solving it. Your operational strategy is how you manage… Read More

When you first start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if you keep going, and live with the problem and peel more… Read More

The minimum information needed to create a good brief: 1) What product(s) do you want to advertise and why, 2) Who are your target demographic and who are your competitors 3) Any limitations (budget, time, legal obligations, etc)… Read More

It all starts with your brief. It’s about coming up with a quality brief and then going with it, or just working within your constraints. There are many different ways of saying or portraying something, but not all… Read More

Asking the right questions is key. Listen carefully to what your target audience wants and fully understand the reason behind it. The absolute worst thing you can do is assume you have it all figured out and then… Read More

Write good briefs. A good brief may produce a good campaign. Not infallibly, but sometimes. A bad brief will always produce a bad campaign. Over a period of years, no one will change a good brief. They’ll just… Read More