Naming is one of the most important parts of a branding strategy.

Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

The construct of an emotional identity is being able to define a brand’s two or three dominant emotions and their order of importance.

Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

The best web design is minimal, preferably invisible. Content is what matters, and web design’s only function is to give the visitor access to as much information as possible in the fastest, cleanest way.

A strategy only becomes a strategy if people in the organisation alter their behaviour as a result of it.

Freek Vermeulen. “So you think you have a strategy?” (via peterspear)

Since emotions are so potent, it is important to handle them carefully when trying to create an emotionalized brand strategy.

Emotions can make or break a brand, and once a mistake is made and you have an explosion, it can be very difficult to put the pieces back together.

The stronger the emotional territory, the longer the brand impact will be – for better or worse.

Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé