Begin by letting your imagination explore the links and connections between the benefits of your product or service and the lifestyle of your target audience. Structured day-dreaming helps you to make connections that business thinkers will never see. Your goal is to inspire yourself first, and then inspire your audience.

Create competitive advantage through branding. Make (your advertising, branding, copy, product, etc.) interesting because people remember what interests them. Great original ideas can become mixed and we have to tell them apart from the bad ones. This is an instinctive process that requires a lot of experience – it’s all about spotting the interest.

No copywriter drafts finished copy at the first sitting. The secret to great writing is the way you edit your original draft, regardless of whether your text is two short paragraphs or 2000 words in length.

You usually have to work past your first and second rounds of ideas, even though they are good or great, and push yourself into your third or fourth round of ideas before you are in truly original territory.