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One of the greatest threats we face is simply put – bullshit. We’re drowning in it. We’re drowning in rhetoric that is just true enough not to be a lie. Bob Hoffman on The Golden Age of Bullshit citing speechwriter John… Read More

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We have a responsibility to the truth. The advertising industry needs it and our clients deserve it. Bob Hoffman on The Golden Age of Bullshit

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Email remains a more effective way to acquire customers than social media. Nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined. The Golden Age of Bullshit by Bob Hoffman

Most brands are realizing that their social media programs are way more time consuming, way more expensive, and way less capable of driving sales than was promised. The Golden Age of Bullshit by Bob Hoffman

The advertising agency business has gotten terribly conglomeratized and consolidated, and I don’t think that’s doing the agency, the employees of the agencies, and the clients of the agencies’ business any favors. Bob Hoffman on The Golden Age of Bullshit

The consumer is in control? Where’s the proof? How do you know? The data just isn’t there. Bob Hoffman on The Golden Age of Bullshit

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People don’t believe facts; they believe ‘experts.’ Bob Hoffman on The Golden Age of Bullshit citing Daniel Kahneman, Nobel prize winner

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