172. How Netflix and Amazon Pleasure You through Data-Driven Algorithms

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116. How To Start A Startup: 10 Proclamations To Win New Clients Without Pitching

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Address issues of money early. Those who don’t talk about money, don’t make it. Blair Enns – Win Without Pitching

In every culture in the world it’s considered impolite to talk about money in a personal context. In every culture in the world it’s considered a sign of poor business acumen if you cannot have a money conversation…. Read More

Build expertise rapidly. Continuously learning is mandatory. The generalists life is an easy life because when you’re a generalist designer you’re willing to do all kinds of different work for all kinds of different clients and you’re essentially… Read More

Designers have broad interests. Your strength is solving the problem that other people haven’t solved. Therefore designers are drawn to new problems. The idea of solving the same problems over and over again and benefiting from repeated observation… Read More

If I’m the richest person in the world, and I can’t find anybody to help me solve my problem, then my riches are useless to me. Blair Enns – Win Without Pitching

Build expertise rapidly. You should be twice as smart today as you were a year or two ago, and I don’t care how long you’ve been in the business. And if you’re not, it’s not because you’re stupid,… Read More

Free pitching is never going to go away. It’s always going to be the tool of last resort for the outsider, the student, those trying to build experience, or somebody who just wants to take a flyer on… Read More

If you are not viewed as more expert than your competition, then you will be viewed as one in a sea of many, and you will have little power in your relationships with your clients and prospects. Blair… Read More

Design is a profession at crossed roads. On the one hand design is seen as one of the ultimate differentiator between a company’s product and it’s competition. On the other hand, the outputs of graphic design have never… Read More

The world does not need another full service marketing communications agency. Expertise is the only meaningful differentiator of a design firm. Blair Enns – Win Without Pitching