Customers need to know that it is worth their while to write out comments: They need tangible results in a hurry, some sort of reward or assurance that they will not be taken for granted and their suggestions… Read More

Most small companies have only the slimmest of ideas about who their suppliers are, where their raw materials come from, who can supply their items when their regular suppliers run dry, and how accomplished their competitors have become… Read More

We live in a business climate that is so competitive, so unstable and uncertain that we can easily be blindsided. Best Practices by Arthur Anderson

Segment customers so that you can meet demands more directly and profitably. Establish the criteria by which customers should be grouped (age, income, credit history, purchases, demographic, etc), then offer products and services tailored to thoses segments. Best… Read More

In many industries where there is little to distinguish one company’s products and services from the competition’s, the customer will come down on the side of quality service – even if it means having to pay more for… Read More

Not all customers are created equal, nor do they behave or look the same. And what they need on Monday may differ markedly from what they request on Thursday. Best Practices by Arthur Anderson

Many say that price is the single most important communicator of what a company wants to say about a product or service. A company can use pricing strategy to solidify its market position and build perceptions of value… Read More

We need to understand what attracts our customers to us or to our competitors in the first place and what value we can add to the products and services they buy. Best Practices by Arthur Anderson