Always make your documents attractive, legible and easy to use regardless of whether they are printed or delivered electronically.

In the world of super-modernity, a bus ticket can’t be just a bus ticket. It has to exhibit the branding of the bus company; it might carry an advertisement; and it will use sophisticated computerized tyopgraphy.

It’s only a bus ticket, yet we’ve turned it into a scrap of commercial graphic theatre that utilizes the brainpower of designers, marketing people and IT people.

Much American graphic design works on the ‘shock and awe’ principle. It uses maximum firepower to sell the guilt-free joys of consumption.

I’ve found that typography is a pretty reliable guide to a nation’s character. Typography in Tokyo is feverish and urgent; typography in rural France is languid and restrained; Dutch typography is intellectual and omnipresent.

Semiotics is the study of signs and their meanings. Designers are natural semioticians – signs and their meaning are the designer’s stock and trade.