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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Who’s creating the lessons?

Joshua Smith is an American career and talent development specialist living in France. Since 2007 he has trained over 15,000 professionals and university students face-to-face.

Specifically, Joshua specializes in:

– Goal Setting 
– Strengths & Weaknesses
– Information Gathering
– Reputation & Networking
– LinkedIn & Resumé Writing
– Job Interviewing
– Compensation Negotiation
– Public Speaking
– Conflict Resolution
– Sales & Customer Service
– Leadership vs Management
– Critical Thinking
– Emotional Intelligence
– Persuasion vs Manipulation
– Plus 80 identified others

2. What is How to Shape Human Behavior?

How to Shape Human Behavior is the soft skills learning platform for English second language professionals. Launched in 2010, it has several key advantages over other training methods:

  1. Highly personalized. All lessons are special requests by clients or created based on Joshua’s training with 15,000+ clients.
  2. Highly practical. Each lesson is centered around your professional needs designed to allow you to see immediate results rather than memorize theories and ideas.
  3. Modernized. All lessons combine the best of online resources and traditional in-person training allowing you to learn at your own pace and rhythm.

After 15+ years training/coaching industry English second language professionals, the main mistake most “English-based trainings” make is that they fail to understand the reason why you’re taking the lesson in the first place:

Once you reach a working proficiency in English, you don’t need to ‘learn English,’ you need to learn how to persuade in English.

How to Shape Human Behavior summarizes everything Joshua has learned from coaching 15,000+ international professionals & university students with research from the best mentors and trainers available today, at a price you can afford, and with your confidentiality a top priority.

All 230+ lessons (so far) have focused around critical S.M.A.R.T. goals and milestone personal and professional transitions:

  1. How to save 10+ hrs/week through better time management
  2. How to improve my negotiation strength
  3. How to find better job & career opportunities
  4. How to improve my compensation package
  5. How to transition from employee to independent
  6. How to improve my love life

3. How do I update/cancel my account (billing)?

No commitment required, cancel anytime. You can cancel at any time and your cancellation will be effective at the end of your billing cycle.

  • Update your protected password here.
  • Update or cancel your payment plan by logging into your paypal account. Paypal is a free, secure, and quick way to send money and pay on your terms.

4. I’m in France. Can I pay for this training with my CPF hours?

Not yet. Compte Professionelle de Formation (CPF) funding may be added in the future, however at present this training – as well as coaching with Joshua Smith – are not currently eligible for CPF.

What clients say about his training.

I used the strategies in Joshua’s coaching to negotiate a promotion, an expatriate position and a 15k€/year raise.

Karl, Account Manager. Paris > Canada. 2016

Since 2016, Joshua has provided me with individual and group training. His training and talent development approach is worth the investment.

Laurent-Cédric, General Manager. Paris. 2020

After taking a training with Joshua, I got not just one, but three different job offers so in the end I could choose my own contract, schedule and company to work with. I’m very thankful for all his advice and best of all, his motivational messages and good wishes, they were fundamental for my research.

Miriam, University Student. Paris. 2019

I improved my resume writing skills thanks to Joshua’s training. Those skills helped me to get into one of the top business schools in the world. I am very much pleased to have him as my professor, and I would strongly recommend students attending Joshua’s classes.

Mounika, University Graduate. Paris. 2019

I found Joshua’s training so relevant that I passed on what he taught me to the sales managers of my company.

Sofiane, Sales Consultant. Paris. 2018

Joshua’s course comprises a well balanced amount of theory, practical applications and effective solutions. Prior to taking his course, I was in management with over 10 years corporate experience.

Results from this training:
(1) My LinkedIn search appearance increased by 50%
(2) My interviews per CV submission rate doubled.

I highly recommend Joshua’s workshop.

Joyce, Sourcing & Product Development Consultant. Paris. 2018

Join 15,000 other anonymous professionals since 2007 and learn How to Shape Human Behavior :

No commitment required, cancel anytime.
Cancel at any time and your cancellation will be effective at the end of your billing cycle.