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Who you are:

  1. UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS. You teach multiple classes to thousands of students each academic year and you want to offer students remote access to class presentation and notes, deeper learning exercises and homework to better prepare for and perform during class. Post COVID-19 university now requires asynchronous, blended learning, and professors must evolve.
  2. COACHES, MENTORS AND TRAINERS. You work with thousands of professional clients with specific career goals and you want to offer training in-between coaching sessions. You're also looking for greater exposure to build your client list.
  3. REPUTABLE COMMUNITY MANAGERS. You have a blog, vlog, or podcast with thousands of followers and are looking to diversify your revenue stream.

Contributors enjoy 7 advantages:

  1. EXCLUSIVITY. This is an invitation-only group based on high-quality content, mutual-respect and protecting one another's reputation.
  2. MAXIMAL EXPOSURE. As a contributor you have your own high-quality, long-form lesson built around you, your website and your area of expertise and promoted across our learning platform wherever relevant, increasing your visibility, potential client base, and revenue.
  3. PAYMENT TRANSPARENCY. You can track in real-time the number of people you've referred, impressions, and how much is owed to you.
  4. LIFETIME REFERRAL TRACKING. Your affiliate cookie code does not expire unless you delete your account. Meaning if a professional arrives via your affiliate link, leaves and later returns on the same computer and subscribes, you still get the commission.
  5. 40% COMMISSION. 40% of your referral sales go to you and 60% to website development and marketing to increase your exposure.
  6. 40% RECURRING COMMISSION. You also receive commission on each recurring payment from your referral.
  7. PAYPAL PAYOUT. Commission is paid upon request once you reach 100€.

4 targeted ways you are promoted:

  1. FEATURED INTERVIEW & LESSON. I work with you to create a long-form lesson based on your online training content and notes. Examples include:
  2. '#TAGS' & 'PINGBACKS' TO YOUR LESSON. For maximum exposure, we cite your content wherever relevant across our other lessons. Recent examples include:
  3. OUR EMAILING LIST. Your lesson is sent to hundreds of subscribers, mostly centralized in France.
  4. TARGETED ADWORD ADVERTISING. We maintain a budget to advertise to the +37 million professionals in the Île-de-France area.

Commissions to expect from your lesson:

  • The SHORT-TERM PLAN is currently 15€ each three months. For each person you send who then joins and renews 4 times means ±24€ (±6€ x 4 renewals) in commission for you
  • The ANNUAL PLAN is currently 52€ each year. For each person you send who then joins and renews 2 times means ±42€ (±21€ x 2 renewals) in commission for you

Before we start creating your lesson:

Browse our 230+ lessons already on our platform to see how we operate and how we would fit you into our lessons, and if you have any questions before you apply for approval, contact me on LinkedIn.

If you're interested in joining our network, apply for approval.
If I have any follow-up questions I'll get in touch with you.
If accepted, I'll email you:

  • Your username & password to set up your payment details and referral code
  • To identify how best to promote you on our platform

I look forward to collaborating with you.

Joshua SMITH

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