241. 30 Hours with Grant Cardone: Mastering the Business Cycle, Sales Cycle and Becoming Wealthy

82 videos. 101 links. 563+ takeaways from this 30 hr training lesson:

[JOSHUA’S NOTE: Below are 30 hours of high-quality, curated content gleaned from Grant Cardone’s Youtube Channel blended with my personal experience as a talent development specialist training over 15,000 professionals and university students, neatly bundled up and in one place.]


  1. The relationship between entourage, hard work, sacrifice, luck & potential
  2. How (NOT) to handle growth, success, fame and resistance
  3. The problem with mainstream sales methodologies
  4. Reasons why the “middle” class is a lie
  5. How to become rich
  6. The Grant Cardone sales strategy (reverse-engineered)


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