237. 20 Hours with Tai Lopez: Investor, Entrepreneur & Author

17 videos. 184 links. 223+ takeaways from this 20 hr training lesson:

[JOSHUA’S NOTE: Below are 20 hours of high-quality, curated content gleaned from Tai Lopez’ Youtube channel blended with my personal experience as a talent development specialist training over 15,000 professionals and university students, neatly bundled up and in one place.]


  1. Persuasion strategies for optimized sales pitches
  2. How to deal with ‘haters,’ ‘trolls’ and online criticism
  3. How to change, avoid procrastination and be more productive
  4. Psychological and personality defaults that sabotage success
  5. What you know & Who you know: the 2 imperatives to success
  6. Find business partners that compliment your weaknesses
  7. The benefits of advertising & marketing your strengths
  8. Balancing ambition and happiness
  9. The secret to success, knowing in what to specialize
  10. How to create a ‘turnkey’ business with robotic income
    • Know your competence
    • Understand your environment & your client’s alternatives
    • Identify your client’s needs, wants and problems
    • Know what to offer
    • Purchase a strategic domain name
    • Set up your own basic website
    • Choose your business model, team and funding strategy
    • Fulfill more than you promised to your clients
    • Monetize your social media presence
    • Reinvest revenue bringing traffic to your website
    • Generate buzz with a striking story & promise
    • Diversify your cash flow & investment portfolio
    • Build your credit: Exploit good debt for long-term wealth
  11. Reasons why people fail to reach their goals in life
  12. The ‘optimal’ personality profile for success
  13. Learning how to learn and deliberate practice
  14. Lessons your education should have taught you, but didn’t
  15. Tai Lopez’ Claim & Disclosure

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