“Assume it’s going to work; assume it’s gonna happen. And if you take the assumption it’s going to happen and race after that inevitability; you’ll get there before everybody else.” – ┬áJason Calacanis for the documentary We Live… Read More

210. Critical Thinking: 3 Ways Arab Businesswomen Can Find Equality In Male-Dominated Societies

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209. Self-Defense: What’s The Most Effective Self-Defense System to Learn As Quickly As Possible?

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208. Critical Thinking: Why You Believe You’re Right Even When You’re Wrong

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207. Critical Thinking: A Panoply Examining The Anatomy & Strategy of a Rap Beat Masterpiece

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206. Why You Should Never Talk to The Police, And How The Police Get You to Talk

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Lie. Lie. I can tell [you’re lying] because you subscribe to traditional judeo christian mores of right and wrong. You’re made uncomfortable by untruth. My commitment to Levian Satanism grants me certain freedoms: there is no good and… Read More