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The End of Humanity? What Happens If Humans Disappear

11 takeaways from this video:

00:00:19 Power stations running on fossil fuels such as oil and gas (the majority today), will shut down because there will be no one to keep them running. Therefore within hours most of the planet would plunge into darkness as lights and electricity stop working.

Power stations running on hydroelectricity would continue running for weeks to months longer, however they too would eventually shut down due to lack of maintenance and human intervention.

00:00:32 With a planet-wide drop in energy consumption, within 48 hours of power station plants shutting down the world’s nuclear power plants will react by activating ‘safety mode’ protocol.

00:00:33 Technologically automated systems such as solar panels will continue to function normally until they either break through the wear and tear of time or stop they functioning due to lack of cleaning, maintenance and human intervention.

00:01:02 Underground subway systems, which are protected from flooding by way of pumps and power stations, would become completely submerged and useless within days as all underground chambers and cavities are flooded.

00:01:12 Domesticated, encaged, and other disadvantaged pets and animals locked up in homes and cages unable to hunt and find food will either slowly starve to death or be eaten by stronger animals in the food chain.

With humans no longer dominating the food chain, the other animals will revert to herd mentality and form communities for strength and protection, and species now teetering on the brink of extinction thanks to human medelling will begin increasing in numbers and thriving.

00: 01:47 With no electricity, technological malfunctions and a lack of human maintence, the water used to keep the temperature of nuclear power plants will cease to function. Within a month, nuclear power plants would melt down, causing devastating nuclear explosions around the world, blanketing the planet with nuclear radation and killing much of the planet’s life, leading to a hypothetical scenario called a nuclear winter.

Within a year, the satellites orbiting the planet will begin burning up and/or falling back toward the planet.

00:02:05 The planet will slowly but eventually recover from this nuclear apocalypse, leaving but charred remnants of human civilization.

Within 25 years, 75% of the planet, including city streets and inter-connecting highways, will be covered with plants and vegetation, leading to a dramatic improvement in air quality and the animals that have survived the nuclear apocalypse will begin venturing into the cities.

00:02:39 After 300 years, major cities and architecture will corrode and crumble due to the effects of nature and the lack of human mantenance, and/or will become buried in sand and water.

00:03:26 500 years after humans disappear, cities and human constructions will be completely covered over by forests and plants.

00:03:33 50 million years later the only remaining traces of human existance will be stone constructions such as the pyramids of Egypt and Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and small shards of glass, plastic bottles and other materials that take a long time to decompose. 100 million years later those items would be pretty much decomposed.

00:04:03 Fast forward 300 million later, were a new rational species of animal to evolve, they may not even be aware that the human civilization had once existed.