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00:00:16 Web video sites like Youtube and Dailymotion have made it possible so that anybody can become famous, or at least a micro-celebrity. But with over 48 hours of video content uploaded to Youtube every minute, to ensure your video stands out,defies the odds and goes viral, at the very least you need an idea that is either a:

1. Tastemakers are ‘networkers’ who introduce new things to a large audience.

The videos below were uploaded from obscurity, but it wasn’t until a handful of influential tastemakers shared them that they became the viral sensations you know them as.

Youtube analytics for Rebecca Black's Friday music video

2. Community of participation

00:03:31 It is through audience participation that the general public takes, remixes, remakes, spoofs, and builds upon your video to make more, thus creating a viral phenomenon such as the Nyan cat. Your objective is to provoke creativity among others.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: In his talk Copy, Cut, Paste on Creative Mornings, Andy Baio points out that on the internet we have videos inspired by videos which include samples of songs that sample other songs… This his how art and culture are made; by taking the works we love and building upon the ideas which provoked our creativity.

Even Apple, considered one of the greatest innovators of the modern era, borrowed ideas and technology from other competitors at that time.]

3. Unexpectedness

00:05:26 How boring is yet another guy protesting some government fine, until you meet Casey Neistat’s protesting of a bicycle fine?

Youtube analytics for Casey Neistat's Bike Lanes video

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