184. Managing Age, Cultural & Personality Differences, Jerks & Assholes

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183. How to Feign Competence While Talking About Books You Haven’t Read

Published in 2009, Pierre Bayard’s book How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read answers the question of whether or not it’s possible, and acceptable to give an informed opinion about books you haven’t read, and offers 12… Read More

182. How to Run A Business: Lessons Learned In Conflict Resolution

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181. The Awkward Relationship Between Doctors & Pharmaceutical Companies

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180. The Secret to Success & Why Should You Read A Book A Day?

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179. How to Run A Business: Superbrand Secrets From The Technology Industry

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at TEDx Talks at the Institut Des Hautes Etudes à Paris 2016

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178. How To Run A Business: A Collection Of Ways To Make Your Videos Go Viral

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