151. Nicolas Minisini of Brand Union on Branding, Whiskey & Epicurean Culture

Strategic Planner for Brand Union and one of the co-creators of Distilleurs.fr, Nicolas Minisini has +6 experience seeking, compiling and interpreting information about his client’s industries to better understand their target consumer demographic and how the brand can… Read More

149. Human Resources Management: Managing Social Media

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148. How To Start A Startup: 16 Interview Questions to Close A Venture Capitalist.

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147. Dan Mathews of PETA on Protecting Your Integrity & Advertising For Impact

Senior Vice President of campaigns for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Dan Mathews has +30 years experience recruiting celebrities and devising public media spectacles to surreptitiously shape human behavior.

146. Think Fast; Talk Smart: 4 Effective Speaking Tips In Spontaneous Situations

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145. Forget Shorter Showers: Why Individual Lifestyle Changes Aren’t Enough

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144. Eric Ries & Ondi Timoner’s 10 Lean Content Rules to Launch A Successful Project

[EDITOR’S NOTE: As one of 9,677 Kickstarter backers for Eric Ries’ The Leader’s Guide, I was given complimentary access to The Lean Content Kickstarter Full ECourse. Here are a few of my takeaways gleaned from this course. Click… Read More

143. Critical Thinking: Learning Languages & The Benefits of A Multilingual Brain

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142. Joseph Donyo of Canım Istanbul on Newsletters & The First 10,000 Subscribers

Founder of Canım Istanbul (pronounced JAH-nim), Joseph Donyo has +11 years experience managing businesses and turning consumer insight into a competitive business advantage. (photo by Mine Kasapoğlu)