77. Human Resources Management: Attracting & Selecting the Best Candidates

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76. Human Resources Management: How Branding Strategy Affects Recruitment

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75. Human Resources Management: Mega-Trends Of Competitive Advantage

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74. Generation Like: How your quest for identity & connection is subtly manipulated

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73. Instafame: a teenager’s relationship with fame through instagram

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72. William Channer on How to Build a Successful Podcast & Reconsidering Your Comments Section

Designer, founder and journalist, William Channer has +10 years experience enabling and inspiring startups through apps, books and podcasts on advertising, business, design and technology.

71. Roberto Cruz Niemiec on How Architecture Affects Branding, Collaboration & Blog Etiquette 101

Vice President at Cannon Design and curator of ArchAtlas, Roberto Cruz Niemiec has +20 years experience manifesting his client’s brand image and philosophy through architecture & design.