What we project onto a drawing or symbol is what we see in our own minds. It allows our imagination to engage in a deeper way as our mind is stimulated. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

Be as transparent with people as you can about who you are, what you’re doing and how you plan to improve their lives in some incremental way in exchange for their money. 43. Matt Marrocco, Author and Lead… Read More

If your idea or message is too complicated it will bewilder and confuse your audience. Even in business they say complexity destroys profitability. But make sure you don’t trivialize your idea either. If that happens, what you’re saying… Read More

When consumers can be covertly observed from a dispassionate perspective, noticing what someone is doing, particularly when a shift in emotions occurs, can be very revealing. Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

Like it or not, we’re all in sales right now… whether we’re teachers or art directors or in healthcare. Dan Pink on the art of persuasion and how to influence people with integrity, animated (via explore-blog)

There are two main barriers to more successful marketing: 1) The strategy is not based on consumer goals. 2) The signals used to convey the value proposition do not activate the intended mental concepts and goals in the… Read More

Most brands are realizing that their social media programs are way more time consuming, way more expensive, and way less capable of driving sales than was promised. The Golden Age of Bullshit by Bob Hoffman

With a different package design, people will talk about it more. Just like that a little brand can be in competition with a global leader. 46. Marine Soyez, Art Director for Pixelis

When someone chooses to share your content, this demonstrates two things. 1) The reader has found enough value in your content to recommend it to the people he or she knows. 2) Now more people are likely to… Read More

Today’s youth view content such as music as a form of free public service. So business models that charge for access to content isn’t as lucrative or acceptable today as it was in the past. Brands must take… Read More

Understanding major shifts in the way people relate to brands is a critical step in comprehending the public. People gravitate toward brands that speak to them in a very clear, honest, and uplifting fashion. Brand Jam by Marc Gobé

Make good content. Tactics to optimize SEO are so readily available and are built into the major CMSs. Make good content and the rest will follow. John Foland, Web Developer & Entrepreneur

Consider the cultural barriers preventing the consumer from hearing your message. Because we know Millenials are looking to be curators of information, brands can reach them by helping them shine socially. 42. Ivan Pejcic, Strategic Planner for Ogilvy

If your idea is profound enough, it could change the course of history. Just make sure you share it with the world. Hegarty on Creativity by Sir John Hegaty of BBH

The advertising agency business has gotten terribly conglomeratized and consolidated, and I don’t think that’s doing the agency, the employees of the agencies, and the clients of the agencies’ business any favors. Bob Hoffman on The Golden Age of Bullshit

I’m a brand manager, I do that more than anything else. Bob Iger, CEO, The Walt Disney Company. (via peterspear)

Brands have become a source of reference, a visual, verbal, sensoral language that helps to communicate our feelings, beliefs, and emotions. People will go a long way to get the brands they love. Branding has become culturally connected…. Read More

A year from now you’ll wish you had started today Karen Lamb (via gregmelander)

The consumer is in control? Where’s the proof? How do you know? The data just isn’t there. Bob Hoffman on The Golden Age of Bullshit

‘Original’ is one of the most inflammatory words a creative person can use to describe a creative work, ‘fake,’ or course, being the other. There is no such thing as originality. Hegarty on Creativity by Sir John Hegaty of BBH