Consumers seem increasingly resistant to modern selling strategies. Cold-calling, most forms of direct mail, and the ubiquitous spam are imprecise, intrusive, wasteful, but, most of all, resented. Graphic Design: A User’s Manual by Adrian Shaughnessy of United Editions

But whatever you wear, always dress to kill. Gossip Girl (via mollysstyle)

47. Cédric Quissola, Independent Art Director

Part-time Art Director for Y&R and independent graphic designer, Cédric Quissola has +7 years’ experience interpreting briefs and coming up with advertising and branding solutions for clients.

When writing down their own strategy statements, many amateurs tend to put down too broad an age range. Advertising Concept Book (Second Edition) by Pete Barry

White lies, why not? Fake it until you make it. Boost yourself. Don’t tell boring stories about yourself for no reason at all. Spice up the conversation a little bit. Frederik and Magnus of Snask for Creative Mornings

There are only two ways to innovate – or interrupt an economy: 1) work out what people want and find out a clever way of making it, 2) Find out something you can make and work out a… Read More

Most new-business opportunities are created in one of two ways: the first is via word-of-mouth, and the second via random encounters in the business and social nexus that most of us live in. In other words, we get… Read More

Rarely will you be targeting someone exactly like yourself. A strategy or concept that might not appeal to you could really appeal to your target market, and vice versa. You must therefore learn to ‘wear different hats,’ to… Read More

Be nice to people. We had a bottle of red wine with a person, which became three bottles of red wine. Three years later she called us up and now works for a huge festival and we became… Read More

If you buy from someone that has a reputation, they have much more to lose by ripping you off. So it may not be that what they produce is better, but it’s much less likely to be shit…. Read More

Making it easy to get in touch with you is vital information. The potential client or employer shouldn’t be penalized by having to hunt down contact details. An email should be prominently displayed on your home page. Graphic… Read More

The more you understand the people you are talking to, the more relevant and persuasive your advertising will be. In the industry, the target group is defined through extensive market research. The audience can be general or specific…. Read More

Your name. Is it a risk? Every boring company has a similar name and it is really fucking boring. Frederik and Magnus of Snask for Creative Mornings

Very few consumers actually buy by looking at long ranks of statistics. Rather they choose using various heurstics and social cues, proxies. A brand is actually a very intelligent proxy because it’s a piece of data that compresses… Read More

Don’t be the best one in the room. Go be somewhere where you can learn from other people. Nick Campbell for CreativeMornings

Do you have a USP or are you going to do branding? If you have a Unique Selling Proposition, then this is clearly the best benefit to go on. You have to have something that people want, not… Read More

Say yes more. When we started up the company I was scared shitless and I said ‘NO, NO, NO!’ All my life I’ve had more fun saying yes than no. Frederik and Magnus of Snask for Creative Mornings

Your ‘brand’ affects: 1) Who you sell to 2) What you can sell 3) How much you can sell for 4) How frequently they buy 6) Your ability to do research & development 7) If you can move… Read More

It is acceptable to borrow from others as long as we make something now out of what we borrow. It is also essential that we are willing to acknowledge our sources. Graphic Design: A User’s Manual by Adrian Shaughnessy… Read More

Are you going for brand share OR are you expanding the market? Having a 75% share means that for every 20 people you can talk into coming into the market, 15 of them will automatically buy your product…. Read More