If you have a job where someone else is telling you exactly what to do, they can find someone cheaper than you to do it. Why Leaders Should Think Like Artists interview with Seth Godin

Part of what happens if you’re going to be an entrepreneur or a freelancer is you’re paying attention to the audience. One email every 10 seconds could make or break your day. You have to decide first ‘are… Read More

Consumers are attracted first by the emotion, the sensuousness of the approach; rationality confirms what emotions have decided. Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and Marketing by Mark Shaw interviewing John Simmons from The Writer

It’s important for a writer not to get carried away with your own ability to use words, and remember that sometimes no copy is better, as words could detract from an image. Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and Marketing by… Read More

Corporations will spend tens of millions of dollars on mediocre advertising year after year with sometimes poor results, forgetting about the single element that sells itself: design. Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé

Your brand expression has to be ahead of its time. you have to give careful thought to every aspect of your brand’s language and tone of voice, because it mustn’t chop and change to suit the mood of… Read More

Customers want to make a statement about who they are and show their tastes. At times, they make purchases to be seen as belonging to a certain group. Other times, the reason can be distinctly opposite, they want… Read More

If a programmer has 2,000 people who read her blog and she is good, she doesn’t need her company anymore. If she gets laid off, she’ll get 10 job offers before tomorrow because she is connected to people… Read More

You’ll be surprised how much you already know about your target audience. If you haven’t been given this sort of information, you can compile it yourself without having to leave your desk or search Google, simply by using… Read More

The question I would ask entrepreneurs and freelancers is: Do more people trust you and pay attention to you today than six months ago? And what are you going to do between now and six months from now… Read More

The nuance of an image, the delight of an unfamiliar taste, the memory of a familiar sound, the gentle caress of a soft fabric, the associations of an ancient smell – Sensory experiences are immediate, powerful, and capable… Read More

If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. Copywriting for Design, Advertising, and… Read More

The only ideas that truly research well are mediocre, ‘acceptable’ ideas. Great ideas are always suspect in research. Graphic Design: A User’s Manual by Adrian Shaughnessy of United Editions

In a world where we can connect with whomever we want, why would we connect to someone who is boring and selfish? We’re going to connect with people who are interesting, walking the tight rope, and generous. Why… Read More

Insight rests on identifying some small detail, the relevance and accuracy of which seems instantly obvious the minute it is expressed. Insights are incursions into people’s lives and minds. They steal in and grab something hidden. Any ad… Read More

The sooner that you get away from the scripted material (during a brief), the sooner you’re actually talking to a client about the important part of the work, and getting to know them, and building a rapport, and… Read More

Try to attend focus groups personally. It can be painful to hear your work discussed, but it can also be enlightening to see what people think about its effectiveness (even in the artificial surroundings of a focus group… Read More

Every feature has an associated benefit, it’s just that some are easier to spot or more compelling than others. The core benefits often lead to peripheral benefits, and you’ll need to decide which one to focus on. Copywriting… Read More

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You need to catch (your consumer’s) eye with a strong product name and description, the tone of voice you use should be friendly and on her level, and you’d better have something good to say – a clear… Read More