‘Message’ doesn’t just mean the verbal content of your piece – its look will communicate a secondary message about the organization the piece represents, and should be developed to reinforce your primary message. Creating Great Designs on a… Read More

It is in the doing that we find out who we are, how we like to do things, how we react, and what our own wonderful idiosyncrasies are. Simon Collison, Designer, Writer, & Partner at Fictive Kin speaking at CreativeMornings 

If at all possible, don’t be the designer and the one who chases the money. It’s very difficult not to get emotional if some bastard isn’t paying on time for the beautiful job you have made. Tony Brook… Read More

There’s a kind of pyramid with brand content, social medias, and earned media: 1) Invest more in earned media – the buzz phenomenom generated through the sharing through social media. 2) Use social media as the support. All… Read More

In order to develop and validate our beliefs, one thing we do is to hang out with like-minded individuals. but seeking out only people who share our beliefs, and avoiding those do who not, is not a good… Read More

For most of us, our natural inclination is to immerse ourselves in past grievances and upsetting events, engaging in a ‘he said, she said’ internal dialogue that makes us feel bad all over again. Redirect by Timothy Wilson

Strategic Planners need to cut to the chase. Out of a massive and growing quantity of information, of fact and impression, a planner’s job is to cull that one thought that will stimulate those working on an account…. Read More

All graphics carry with them certain feelings or moods, and using them in your designs will communicate those feelings to your audience. As with any other design element, be aware of the emotional connotations of the abstract graphics… Read More

People often remark on how quickly the extraordinary becomes commonplace. Redirect by Timothy Wilson

When something conflicts sharply with our visual expectations, we give it more attention than something we’re prepared to see. The unexpected causes us to do a double take, looking the second time more closely and with greater interest…. Read More

There seems to be a pleasure paradox: people want to understand the good things in life so that they can experience them again, but by so doing they reduce the pleasure they get from these events. Redirect by Timothy… Read More

A stereotype is a simplified and standardized belief about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things; a belief that may or may not accurately reflect reality. Wikipedia: stereotype & Dictionary.com: stereotype

One problem with disseminating information through posters and the media, for example, is that these messages are easy for people to ignore. And even if people do pay attention, they might not connect the information to themselves. Redirect by… Read More

Most people have something positive to offer, even if it is total resistance. Andrew Blauvelt in The Designer Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom

Relationships are based on mutual respect. What counts are the contributions people make to their immediate circle. Jet>Lag by Jean-Marie Dru

If the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work. Susan Dray

Six key principles to make your message sticky: Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotion, Story. Garr Reynolds @GoogleTalks

Social norms are group-held informal understands or beliefs that govern society’s behaviors in a given context. Social norms have two dimensions: 1) How much behavior is exhibited, and 2) How much the group approves of that behavior. Wikipedia:… Read More

There is another kind of peer pressure that can be equally powerful, and that is the pressure that exists inside our heads. We all have perceptions of what the social norms are, namely, what we think the people… Read More