For body text that will be presented in larger blocks or that will be read by users in longer stretches – simpler typography is better. Consumer’s eyes quickly get tired trying to take in lots of text in… Read More

Color can be one of the most effective ways to communicate a brand identity. Companies consistently using specific colors over the years create a stronger sense of their identities in the public’s mind. The Elements of User Design by Jesse… Read More

Consumers respond positively to companies with clearly defined identities. Inconsistent visual styles undermine the clarity of your corporate image and leave your audience with the impression that you haven’t quite figured out who you are. The Elements of… Read More

Segment customers so that you can meet demands more directly and profitably. Establish the criteria by which customers should be grouped (age, income, credit history, purchases, demographic, etc), then offer products and services tailored to thoses segments. Best… Read More

For small companies on a budget, it’s better to focus on and be really efficient in 2-4 main social platforms (relevant to your demographic) than have 9 different profiles and not have enough time to make them of… Read More

Brands have become publishers. But one thing remains unchanged: the quality of the writing makes the difference. We keep hunting for the right word, the most skillfully crafted phrase. Our profession has inspired some wonderful pieces of writing… Read More

Every experience we have – not just with products and services, but with the world and with each other – fundamentally comes to us through our senses. In the design process, this is the last stop on the… Read More

In many industries where there is little to distinguish one company’s products and services from the competition’s, the customer will come down on the side of quality service – even if it means having to pay more for… Read More

Don’t necessarily have a set routine, but read a lot of magazine articles and photobooks on diverse subjects.These articles usually reference websites. If you like what you see and read, visit the website. Rémi Noel, Creative Director for TBWA

When a project fails, we take as our starting point the principle that it’s a conversation that didn’t work out the way it should have, but that doesn’t change anything from the fact that we made an effort… Read More

Not all customers are created equal, nor do they behave or look the same. And what they need on Monday may differ markedly from what they request on Thursday. Best Practices by Arthur Anderson

If it involves providing users with the ability to do things, it’s interface design. If it involves providing users with the ability to go places, it’s navigation design. If it involves communicating ideas to the user, it’s information… Read More

Whatever sets your business apart from the crowd, make sure you tell people about it on your website. Make it honest and fun, then back it up with a guarantee and a customer testimonial. These are the trust-building… Read More

Many say that price is the single most important communicator of what a company wants to say about a product or service. A company can use pricing strategy to solidify its market position and build perceptions of value… Read More

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. Mark Twain

Not only will your different groups of users have different needs, but sometimes those needs will be in direct opposition. Novices might need a step-by-step, but that would hinder experts who want a unified interface that provides rapid… Read More

For strategic branding to be successful in the long-term, you need to know: 1) How to use the various social media platforms to collect and analyze data on each platform your brand is represented on 2) How to… Read More

A graphic designer usually makes hundreds of small drawings and then picks one of them. Bruno Munari in The Designer Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom

Your Web site will have a structure whether or not you plan it out. The sites that are built according to a clear structural plan tend to be the ones that require less frequent overhauls, produce concrete results… Read More

Not only do we unconsciously copy the mannerisms of others, but we like and have smoother interactions with strangers if the stranger copies our mannerisms. Unconsciously, a connection is formed, and you “like” people who are similar to… Read More