25. Daphné Claude, Co-founder of Citigate

Co-founder and executive director for Citigate Dewe Rogerson in Paris, France, Daphné Claude has +11 years experience working with journalists on behalf of her clients, that no misleading and unverified information is published, and that crises are properly managed.

24. Hervé Godard, Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Blake Magazine

Owner and Editor-in-Chief for Blake Magazine, Hervé Godard has +12 years experience writing and editing for international fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle magazines as well as networking to promote his brand to attract models, investors and readers.

23. Tenin Coulibaly, Accountant for DDB

Accountant for DDB, Tenin Coulibaly has +12 years experience monitoring billing and expenses with revenue and helping her company comply with accounting rules and regulations.

22. Sam Fajner, Regional VP of Client Relations

Regional Vice President of Client Relations and Development for Teecom, Samuel Fajner has +13 years experience networking, researching the market, managing sales and business development, and identifying opportunities and potential clients for his firm.

21. Delphine Guerin, Executive Producer

Executive Producer for Irene, Delphine Guerin has +10 years experience creating tv spots for advertising agency’s clients.

20. Joshua Waldman of Career Enlightenment

Owner of Career Enlightenment, VP of Member Communications for NSA Oregon and author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies, Joshua Waldman has +5 years experience training people to regain control of their careers in today’s economic and technology… Read More