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Since 2010, How to Shape Human Behavior has been the talent development solution used by more than 15,000 professionals to develop their career advancement potential, and more than 50 institutes to improve employee productivity.

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“Joshua is an excellent teacher and coach whose approach is based on experience. I wish you the opportunity to work with him.”
Sylvain, Mechanical Engineer

“Joshua has provided me with individual and group training. His training and talent development approach is worth the investment.” Laurent-Cédric, General Director

“Only a few people are at the same time good teacher, coach and mentor, Joshua is one of them. I highly recommend Joshua as a coach and a mentor, he is a very inspiring leader.”
Barthélémy , Master’s Student

“I really appreciated Joshua’s course on communication skills …so relevant that I passed on what he taught me to the sales managers of my company.”
Sofiane, Head of Acqusition

“Highlights from the workshop: Recruiters’ dilemma method almost doubled my interviews per CV submission rate I highly recommend Joshua’s workshop.”
Joyce , Global Sourcing Coordinator

“Joshua’s business knowledge and personal contact is added value. He is innovative, quick thinking, modern, pragmatic, immensely useful, unflappable.”
Dawn, Consultant & Professor



242. 26 Hours with Armin Trost: Human Resources Mgmt: Attracting, Hiring & Retaining Top Talent

22 videos. 104+ links. 182+ takeaways and 179 questions to test your mastery of lesson

241. 30 Hours with Grant Cardone: Mastering the Business Cycle, Sales Cycle and Becoming Wealthy

82 videos. 101 links. 563+ takeaways from this 30 hr training lesson: [JOSHUA’S NOTE: Below are 30 hours of high-quality, curated

240. 10 Hours with Recruiters: Post COVID-19 Job Interview Strategies & Response Templates

60 videos. 85+ links. 200+ takeaways from this 10 hr training lesson and 70 questions to test your mastery…

239. 10 Hours with Recruiters: Upgrade Your CV Template, Find Hidden Job Offers & 10x Response Rates

63 Questions to test your mastery of lesson 239 The recruiter’s dilemma What is employer branding? How dangerous can competent

238. 10 Hours with Nathaniel Drew: Filmmaker, Photographer, Digital Nomad

50 videos. 152+ links. 156+ takeaways from this 11 hr training lesson: [JOSHUA’S NOTE: Below are 11 hours of high-quality, curated

237. 20 Hours with Tai Lopez: Investor, Entrepreneur & Author

Questions from this lesson What is future pacing and how can it be used to influence?What is norm of reciprocity